Case Study

Network Cabling for Managed Data Centre Space



Network Cabling

Cable Scope

Copper & Fibre Optic Network Cabling

Rack Scope

Ortronics Mighty Mos & VMDs

Scope of works

  • Rack and Stack
  • Remote Hands
  • Supply of cables and sundries
  • Design consultations
  • Patch Auditing and tidy ups
  • New Patching Schedules


We worked with a market leader in the supply of both colocation and managed data centre space. We have enjoyed working closely with them for over a decade, supplying power, network cabling, containment, and racks during this time.

The customer requirement on this installation was to implement a mirror image of an existing installation in the US, utilising Ortronics materials. The customer’s main contact would be based in the US so a good understanding of the environment, the layouts and the customer’s end goal would be critical across the project.


The main challenge on this project would be time scales, with the customer hoping to utilise the environment within 6 weeks of works commencing. Also, due to the size of the environment (2 rows of racks), the area could not be flooded with engineers as this would not speed up works but more than likely hinder the completion.


An additional 2 engineers would be provisioned, adding to the original spec of 4 men working for 6 weeks. This should reduce the installation time to approximately 4 weeks and fit within the customers required installation dates. A full project plan would also be implemented from day 1 to ensure labour did not encroach and/or cause delays to other engineers within the area.


The project was delivered on time, within customer time frames. All testing was carried out on-site before handover, with test results supplied to the customer contact in the US via email, and copies stored by Berkeley Installations for 5 years from the date of completion. A QA of the environment was completed by the customer’s on-site contact (DCS team leader), the Berkeley PM and the Berkeley site supervisor.


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