Past projects completed by Berkeley Installations

Electrical Installations for Digital Realty

Digital Realty built the global standard for technical real estate, developing a unique capability to acquire, manage, and scale data centre campuses. Now, Digital Realty is building a unique ecosystem of open solutions that power customer growth through exceptional service on a foundation of unrivalled data centre expertise.

The customer requirement on this installation was to: Repair the existing lighting infrastructure and make a significant energy saving to the chiller deck lighting. Existing lighting has water damage issues also is running 24/7.


Project Detail:

  • Completion Date – March 2017
  • Department – Electrical Installations
  • Manufacturers Used – NVC Lighting
  • Project Value - £70,000

Scope of Works

  • LED lights
  • PIR's
  • Relevant Cabling


Replacing lighting with a suitable LED replacement, each fitting to have PIR sensor so only lighting within the occupied are would trigger. Thermal PIR’s were offered by Berkeley Installations over microwave sensors which are prone to picking up false movement around chillers and therefore switching on without a requirement, wasting valuable electricity.

Cost Comparisons for Savings


Existing 2x49w flourescent tube fittings

  • (49wx2) fitting x 266 = 26.068 kw
  • 26.068 kw x 24hrs = 625.622kwh total
  • 8p (tariff rate charge) x 625.622= £50.05 per day charge of electricity
  • £50.05 x 365 (per year) = £18,268.25 total charge of electricity for gantry lighting

Proposed new LED NVC NGN7900/LED/2/850 LED TWIN LUMIN 5FT fittings

24 hour running time (worst case run time)

  • 70w fitting x 140 = 9.8 kw total
  • 9.8 x 24hrs a day = 235.2 kwh per day
  • 235.2 kwh x 0.8p tariff = £18.82 per day electricity charge
  • £18.82 x 365 = £6689.30 per annum

Savings of = £11398.95 per annum

2 hour running time per day due to thermal PIR’s on each fitting (when using the new Thermal PIR’s)

  • 9.8 kw total x 2 hours a day = 19.6 kwh
  • 19.6 x 0.8p tariff = £1.57 per day electricity charge
  • £1.57 x 365 = £1.57 per year

Savings of = £573.05 per year

Additional saving in relamping labour

  • 266 x 2 lamps @ £2.50 per lamp = £665.00
  • Labour allowance for installation of lamps = £960.00

Savings of = £1492.00 every 12 to 24 months


During Works

Deliveries we monitored due to the changes in materials required (moving from Microwave to Thermal PIR’s) which caused delayed lead times but did not impact the completion date. Ongoing updates were made to the project plan and to the customer to fall in line with material delivery. Additional labour was not required to bring the installation date in on time.


Project completed on time and monitored by Berkeley Installations and the customer to ensure the savings are being made as per our projected comparisons.