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Electrical Installations with Digital Realty

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The customer requested a survey and site wide testing of the HV system to be undertaken and it was found the site needed a HV earthing upgrade.


Project Detail:

  • Installation Date – 2019 - 2020
  • Department – Power/Electrical
  • Project Value - £2 million

Scope of Works:


To design and install a new HV earthing system both internally and externally across the site.



  • To keep the site and all electrical platforms running whilst upgrading earthing system safely.
  • Finding routes for earth cables linking the system in a safe and tidy manner.
  • Surveying the site and finding new earth rod locations within the site and locating routes that feed these locations.
  • Testing the new system to ensure compliance.
  • Programming HV shutdowns to link HV to the system now in place.


  • Locating, amending, and updating site drawings and scanning for locations.
  • Using specialist contractors for forming pits.
  • Installing rods and welding rods onto the new earth cables.
  • Running of copper bar tape in locations and earthing cables linking

During Works


We found the real benefit of a weekly full team meeting including the customer was very beneficial to re-program up coming shutdowns. This enabled us to keep the project on schedule as real-time issues (for example sinking rods in certain locations) during the project meant we were able to prep the customer to reschedule time frames and milestones.



The project was delivered on time, within customer time frames and without the need for any extras or additions to the initial quote. All testing was carried out on site before handover with test results supplied to the customer, leaving the customer with compliant earthing.


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